Friday, November 8, 2013

An Organized Thanksgiving, Part IV: Three Weeks Prior

As promised, here is a shopping list so you can start stocking your kitchen for the big day.  

Things you probably already have in your pantry, but may need to replenish:
aluminum foil--a whole bunch
plastic wrap or reusable bowl covers
kitchen twine
roasting tin or aluminum roasting tray
all purpose flour (a bunch)
allspice berries
black peppercorns, whole
bourbon (if using regular menu)
brown sugar
canola oil
cinnamon, ground
dark corn syrup (for regular menu)
ginger, ground/powdered
kosher salt
maple syrup
nutmeg, ground or fresh
olive oil
shortening (for regular menu)
sugar, white granulated
vanilla extract
chia seeds (for dairy free menu)
flax meal (for dairy free menu)

This week, you’ll need to take inventory in your pantry and make sure you have plenty of the afforementioned items.  Then, here is what else you should buy over the next several days:

1 brining bag or large vessel that can hold your entire turkey, submerged
butter (alllll the butter for regular menu)
candied crystallized ginger
chicken stock or broth (24 oz)
cinnamon sticks, whole, (2)
cloves, ground
coconut, shredded--optional
coconut milk (1 can)
evaporated milk (1 can) (for regular menu)
pecan halves
pecans, chopped/pieces
pumpkin puree, 1 can (15 oz)
turkey or turkey breast (1 lb per person) (if you are using frozen, pick that bad boy up whenever the sales look good)
turkey stock
vegetable stock (1 gal)
walnuts (chopped/baking pieces are fine)
yeast (1 packet or 2 ¼ t)
coconut cream (for dairy free menu)
Any other pantry item that needs restocking

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