Monday, November 4, 2013

An Organized Thanksgiving: Part I

I love Thanksgiving.

I love any excuse to play hostess.  Or, as The Hubs calls it, "Domestic Goddess-ery."

I used to hate Thanksgiving.  Dry turkey, vegetables from cans, something called "stuffing" that I could only identify as grayish-mush.  Gravy?  Vom.

I thought I didn't like Thanksgiving.  I thought the food was bad, it was a travel headache, and I just wanted to press the fast-forward button to get to Christmas.

Then, I started learning how to cook.  Now, I host Thanksgiving each year, and I love it.  I love the entire process: the shopping, the planning, the preparing, the decorating.  Especially the cooking.

After several years of hosting, I have fine-tuned my menu and preparation process.  Now, I have this Thanksgiving thing down to a science.  In fact, during the last two Thanksgiving days, everything was so well under control that I found myself standing in the kitchen with (get this) nothing to do.  Turkey was roasting.  Rolls were rising.  Everything else was either in the oven or waiting to be put into the oven.  My mum, god love her, does all of the washing up.  I sat down, put my feet up, and had a glass of wine (well, last year it was a glass of sparkling cider as I was pregnant).

"You should write a book," my mother said.  Well, nobody is going to give me a publishing deal (YET).  But I do have a blog.

I'm going to share with you how I plan and prepare my Thanksgiving feast.  I'll share the recipes I use (mine, and those from other sources), my shopping list, and how I map out the preparation to avoid needing a third arm to stir the gravy.  I have a master recipes list, and a master shopping list.  I break the ingredients down based on what can be purchased ahead, and what should be purchased the week of, so I don't have to deal with the epic shopping trip (and epic shopping bill) of buying everything in one go.  Nothing about this is extraordinary, it's just that I've put the time and effort into mapping it all out, and I'm more than happy to share.

Stay tuned.

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